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On Writing:

I first started writing when I was a little girl. Before I could read, or write my name, I would draw lines and lines of loops and curls, emulating my mother's perfect script.

Later as I got older and learned to type, I would type endlessly. Clicking and clacking out poems, short stories, essays, anything to hear that excellent rhythmic tapping of the keyboard.


In college, I learned to love research; I enjoyed the search for "the truth" and the almost puzzle-like way that writers piece together information to give readers a clearer understanding of the subject matter.

As an adult, I still have that love of writing loopdy loops and clacking away furiously at my keyboard. Writing, note-taking, and research are how I make sense of the world around me. Writing as a career is the natural choice for me, and I love what I do.

As one of my clients, I hope you'll see the passion and dedication I put behind every piece of work I deliver.

Because I have been in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist for over 15 years, I love to write beauty-related content.

Research-based writing is also a strong suit of mine and is something I enjoy. Learning about a new concept or product makes me want to keep going, keep pursuing this dream of mine. I love to learn, and I love to teach others what I've learned in a simple, clear, and concise manner.

I hope, as one of my clients, I can make you smile, learn something new, and provide you with perfect SEO content.

I look forward to working with you.



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