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Meta: The wide-open sidewalks and long hills of your neighborhood have been calling out to you. You’ve been eyeing that shiny new Z-Flex longboard, but is it worth it? We give you an unbiased look in our new zflex longboard review. Skate on. 

ZFlex Longboard Review: Your Capable Skating Companion

Do you long for cruising on the open pavement, gliding down hills at top speed, or slowly carving your way down a decline? If your search has led you here, you’re in the right place. Longboarding is not only great exercise; it’s also a perfect means of transportation and a unique hobby that will have you ready to cruise Venice Beach in no time. 


Whether you’ve been skating since you were a mere grommet or you are new to the sport, there’s a lot to learn about skateboarding, and about longboards in particular. 


Today, we’re delving deep into the world of longtime skateboarding pioneer, Z-Flex and their unique line of Longboards which are not only great looking but have a history of unparalleled innovation. So is it all hype? Or does Z-Flex outclass its competitors? We tested the Z-Flex longboard against several other trusted names in skateboarding to bring you our results. Keep reading to see how they stood up.

What Is a ZFlex Longboard? 

Z-Flex Longboards are skateboards. It’s as simple as that. What makes a skateboard a longboard is its length. A typical “shortboard” or regular skateboard is about 28” - 33”  while an average longboard is anywhere from 34”- 47”.  


Z-Flex is the name of a longtime skateboarding company that grew from the legendary Zephyr Skateboarding team of Santa Monica, CA. They’re world-renowned for their technical innovation and creative board designs, which have kept this brand at the forefront of skateboarding culture since 1976. 


Z-Flex longboards come in several different designs, including the pintail, which comes to a point on both the front and back of the board. The roundtail board has more of a rounded point in front than the pintail and offers a kicktail in the back for added functionality.  Finally, Zflex offers the drop through, which has a cutout for the trucks, dropping the platform and giving greater control for downhill speeds. 

Z-Flex Longboard Product Specifications


Now that we know some basics of longboarding and are a little more familiar with who Z-flex is, we can take a closer look at the board itself. 


Z-Flex boards are made with 9-Ply 100% Canadian Hard Wood Maple, built strong to last you mile after mile of cruising. You can fully customize to your heart's content and buy everything separately, or as a complete package, ready to ride straight from the box. Today we’re going to talk about two different models that can be found straight from the Z-Flex website.




The Moving Sidewalk Black Pintail board, available on their site,, is 38 inches long by 9 inches wide, making it a perfect board for anyone looking to make a smooth transition into skateboarding as a means of transportation. 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels and the fishtail or pintail shape cut down significantly on wheel bite (when your deck touches the wheel, causing your board to come to an abrupt stop.) 




The Prawn Cocktail Roundtail board, also available on is 39.5” long and 9.5” wide featuring 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels and Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks. The Roundtail, while preferred by many for its kickboard, may have some issues with wheel bite, so added risers may be in order. Make sure you test your board before “take off,” this will help you avoid serious injury!

Spec Table

Moving Sidewalk Black Pintail by Z-Flex

  • Length - 38 inches
  • Width - 9 inches
  • Material - 9 ply 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Wheels - 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels
  • Trucks - Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks
  • Wheel Bite?  - Not common
  • Warranty? - One year
  • Price? - $129.00 via


Zirconia Roundtail by Z-Flex

  • Length - 39.5 inches
  • Width - 9.5 inches
  • Material - 9 ply 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Wheels - 69 MM, 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels
  • Trucks - Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks
  • Wheel Bite?  - 83A Soft Cushions (to help prevent wheel bite)
  • Warranty? - One year
  • Price? - 96.99 via


Zed Bamboo Longboard by Retrospec (Amazon’s #1 best selling longboard)

  • Length - 44 inches
  • Width - 9.5 inches
  • Material - Bamboo and Canadian Maple
  • Wheels - 70x50mm
  • Trucks - reverse kingpin trucks with precision ABEC-7 Bearing
  • Wheel Bite?  - custom wheel well to eliminate wheel bite
  • Warranty? - yes, contact manufacturer
  • Price? - 59.99 via Amazon


How Much Does a Z-Flex Longboard Cost?


A complete Z-Flex longboard is going to cost you anywhere from $80 - $160 depending on what type of style you want and which graphics appeal to you most. The pintail, which we prefer, is running about $90 - $129 on

How Does a Z-Flex Longboard Compare With Other Longboards?

There are many different brands of Longboards out there, and many ways you can choose to spend your hard-earned cash. So, what about other skateboarding companies? 


Today we’re going to take a look at two different Longboards along with our zflex longboard review. We’re comparing the Z-Flex Moving Sidewalk Pintail against Santa Cruz’s Throwdown, pintail. Santa Cruz is a longtime skateboard company Located on the California coast. Their boards are well designed, look unique and are built to last. 


We’re also going to take a look at the number one best seller on Amazon right now, which is the Zed Bamboo Longboard by Retrospec. A less expensive model, but still built tough. They don’t have the status of being a pioneer in the skating industry, but their customer service and unique style make them a contender.

Throwdown Pintail by Santa Cruz Skateboards


A complete Throwdown is running about $115.95 on their website. A Moving Sidewalk is going for $129.00 via That’s a savings of approximately $13.00 or around 10% cheaper than Z-Flex. However, there are several pintail options and designs from Z-Flex, while currently, Santa Cruz is selling only one style of pintail from their site. 


While both Santa Cruz and ZFlex longboards offer an excellent selling price, they’re moderately expensive at just over $100, and certainly much more than our third pick from Retrospec. 


Four stars out of five

Ease of Use

Both boards are going to be ready to go right from the box. You’ll want to give it a once over before use, and make sure the wheels are working correctly, not rubbing the deck when stepping on or off. The boards offer similar ease of use, being that Longboards are so user-friendly.


Five stars out of five stars

Quality of Results


Santa Cruz Skateboards puts out a great product, where the quality of materials makes a significant impact. However, the designs and technical ability of Z-Flex’s revolutionary wheels and decks makes us want to get out and show it off. Santa Cruz’s complete boards are known for needing some tweaks before getting on and cruising down the road.


Four stars out of 5 stars

Zed Bamboo Longboard by Retrospec


A complete longboard from Retrospec comes in at just about $60.00, a seriously great price for a seriously great board. It easily beats out the Santa Cruz and Z-Flex by being nearly 50% cheaper! 


This model is available as a prime purchase on Amazon, so can be at your door and ready to ride in just a couple days. 


What a deal. Giving this win to Retrospec is easy.


Five stars out of five stars

Ease of Use


Longboards are easy to use, and this model is no different than the others. It comes all set up and ready right from the box. It’s available as a prime item on Amazon, so can be delivered relatively quickly.  It’s also longer than the other two models, which provides some stability in use. However, this board is 44” long. 


That’s quite a bit longer than the pintail from Z-flex, which is only about 38”. We believe the length of the Retrospec is just too long. It starts to feel clunky if you’re new to skating and the ease in turning you'd have with the z-flex? It's pretty non-existent on the Retrospec. 


Remember how you wanted to feel like you were cruising and carving? Unless you know how to skate well, you won’t get that feeling from this board.  


Three stars out of five stars

Quality of Results

If you want a great board for a lower price, you’ll do very well with the Bamboo Longboard from Retrospec. However, because of its long length and the board being high up, it can throw off your center of gravity. Turning and cruising capabilities are reduced, and can become somewhat cumbersome. So, while a decent board, we’d still stick with either the Santa Cruz or Z-Flex. 


Three Stars out of five stars

Pros and Cons of a Z-Flex Longboard


Z-flex Longboards are flexy, fun, easy to use and look cool. They’re solidly built, easy to customize and an excellent means of transportation. All in all, they’re an excellent buy if you’re new to Longboarding, or a master. 


There are some obvious pros to think of. First, they’re one of the oldest longboarding companies around, they are known for being innovative and having a super high quality board. 


The pintail by Z-Flex tends to be on the shorter side of the longboard scale, coming in at 38 inches. The benefit here is that it’s easier to control than say, the 44-inch board by Retrospec. The Zflex also comes with a 1-year warranty, giving you some peace of mind when purchasing.


The wheels, trucks, and bearings are all of the highest quality and don’t need much tweaking. 


On, the other hand, the price of the Z-Flex is higher than other boards you might find on Amazon or at your local sporting/skateboard store. Some may be disappointed by the length of the board, as it’s on the short side for a longboard. 


There isn’t much diversity in designs or colors, so this may be one you’ll have to customize on your own. Although, many see the benefits in starting with a basic board, and adding to it as they go. It’s a personal preference.   



  • Great Exercise
  • Easy to learn on
  • An innovative and established brand 
  • Quality materials and solid craftsmanship
  • 1-year warranty



  • Short for a longboard 
  • Not much choice in design
  • Can be pricy for a beginner

Our Final Rating: Z-Flex Longboard


All in all, the Zflex Longboard is built to cruise. It’s an excellent skateboard with some cool features and is backed up by being a long-time pioneer of the sport. We love its laid back, unassuming look and enjoy the shorter length of the board. It genuinely looks like a surfboard, which gets us stoked, but isn’t cumbersome. 


Unfortunately, the Retrospec, being a longer board, doesn’t do it for us the way a ZFlex does. We want to have that surf feeling, the cruise feeling. Being that the Z-flex is more mobile, we can’t help but want to use it as our daily commuter board. It’s much easier to carry, and its wheels are far and away some of the best in the world. 


The Z-flex, of course, has its drawbacks. It lacks a lot of variety in design. Meaning, there isn’t much to choose from as far as personal style goes. However, that’s not to say you can’t upgrade and switch things around on your own; we wish there were more options as a complete.


Some may also not like that it’s a shorter longboard. Some may enjoy the weight and feel of being on a truly long surf-type board. And while that’s good for those people, we love the size and feel of the 38” pintail. 


There was a lot to think about in our ZFlex longboard review. Ultimately it came down to, would we repurchase this product? The answer? YES! The price, the look, the feel, we love this board. 


Five out of five stars.